Guides Tips to improve your stream

Really, try OBS first. It's a very easy program to use, free and no advertisement. It does look standard but it has the most options, all big streamers use OBS.

It has some basic features aswell: quick scene editing, multiple scenes, text where you can show your latest followers, show pictures and lots of other integrations. Click here to go to OBS.
If you want to enable donations notification, really use Support the stream". It's a website that checks if you got a donation and if so send an alert on your stream(With a plugin installed).

There are ofcourse other services that you can use, but other than this one they mostly take a part of your donation. It's easy to install, tutorials are on the site.

Click here to go to the site
In this section you got a couple options, you have "Nightdev","Tnotifier" and "TwitchStreams". Nightdev is more customizable than Twitchalerts is and it's more instant alerts than TwitchAlerts is but it's hard to configure easily.

Tnotifier i've seen being used by big streamers. It supports support the stream for donations as well which is easier to manage then. And it's also not too hard to setup.

TwitchAlerts is a easy to use and fast way to alert your followers on your stream, however when someone follows it might take up to 15mins until it's displayed on your stream. But sometimes it's instant.

So wether you want easy but late, or hard but more options, or balanced it's up to you which one to choose. Heads up, in TwitchAlerts there is a Donation alert, but they take 1% of your donations(Which is not a lot but "support the stream" is free.

Click here to go to Nightdev and then Click here to go to Tnotifier and Click here to go to Twitchalerts